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Hi There
I have to say that I have worked for a large superfood based company, worked on the David Wolfe Australian Tour ( 2013 ) have tried alot of Cacao in my time…… and until moving to Cairns and stumbling upon the The North Queensland Chocolate Co I had sworn I would never eat raw cacao again.
Standard Cacao leaves me jittery, anxious, wiped out and feeling unwell….and i thought this was what all cacao was like until trying this chocolate.
I was also surprised that this chocolate was vegan…as i have never experienced any vegan chocolate that has the same texture and satisfaction you would get from eating dairy milk chocolate.
I also use the beans in my smoothies or just eat them straight out of the packet if i feel like i need that chocolate kick and only experience the feel good, pleasurable experience that chocolate is renowned for.
This chocolate really is the best ever !!!
I am blessed that so much love, care and attention is placed in producing such amazing high quality cacao products for everyone to experience….you all have to try this!!!!
¬†From Debbie…. 22nd July 2014…..This chocolate is amazing we come from Adelaide and we can get haighs chocolate which is an award winning chocolate , the North Queensland chocolate is better … ¬†could still taste the chocolate an hour after eating it.Debbie